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WNBF posts Wear & Away on their Blog

WNBF posts Wear & Away on their Blog

Wear And Away

Finally! The solution for what to wear to protect your Competition Tan!

Introducing you to Wear & Away. A brilliant new company that manufactures post spray tan clothing and accessories. Founded by Laurie Tuck, Wear & Away was born from her personal experience with wearing the wrong thing after a spray tan and getting the solution everywhere plus ruining the application! She decided there must be a better way to protect your tan, researched fabric that would not stick to the tanning solution and began designing loose fitting yet attractive garments.

Once Wear & Away was launched, Laurie quickly realized that one of her target markets would be the bodybuilding and fitness industry.  Wear & Away has a unique collection of long sleeved robes, unisex pants and long sleeved shirts made from material that will not stick to you and can be used immediately after tanning to keep your tan looking its best. In addition, Wear & Away has a Sheet Protector Set​ (with special bonus pillowcase) that can be rolled out on top of your normal bed or hotel sheets. This eliminates the risk of being charged for staining the hotel sheets. It also makes packing so much easier as you no longer have to bring an extra set of sheets and remake the bed. This is the last thing you are going to want to do the night before your show when you are trying to focus and get a good nights sleep!

Wear & Away products are reusable, affordable, lightweight and compact making packing a breeze! They are made in the USA and are also recyclable! You can check them out HERE

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WNBF posts Wear & Away on their Blog