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Wear & Away designs and manufactures a line of sustainable clothing and accessories made from special material that solves the "what to wear after a spray tan" problem! Our products are washable, reusable, recyclable and made in the USA.

Wear & Away Long Sleeved Robe -  REUSABLEWear & Away Woman's Shirt - REUSABLEWear & Away Women's Draw String Pant - REUSABLEWear & Away Men's Shirt - REUSABLEWear & Away Men's Draw String Pant - REUSABLE

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Competition Prep Packs

Protect your competition spray tan with our shirts, robes, pants, and bedding sets. Designed for Fitness, Physique, Figure, Bikini and Bodybuilding Competitors.

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It's A Win Win:

Easy + Practical

Light and compact for travel - take it with you on the go. Focus on winning!

Great Value

Don't pay for touch ups anymore. Our unique products will protect your spray tan.

Reuse + Recycle

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle when you're done! Wash and reuse our pieces again & again.

Made In The USA

All of our products are proudly made and sold in the USA. Support a local business!

Bedding Sets

Who wants to ruin their sheets? We have the perfect solution. Check out our Sheet Protector Sets. Best of all - this material does not absorb your spray tan!

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The Word Around Town:



No uncomfortable sticky feeling.

Protect your tan and your wallet!

Mandy Harbin



"I work hard to look good…a great spray tan is the icing on the cake and no one wants to smudge the frosting!

Stacey L.

Bodybuilding Competitor


Thank you Stage Ready by Marie for your recommendation on this bed cover from Wear & Away. It kept my tan in place and bed sheets clean.

Madelene Fonseca

NPC Competitor


I used my Wear & Away Pants to go get a Spray Tan and then wore them for the rest of the day! They were light and comfortable and my tan stayed right were it was supposed to. Highly recommend!

Laura Kolderup



Before my spray tan I always set up my Wear & Away sheets so that I don't stain the sheets. They are super soft and comfortable.

Jenny Telford

Bikini Bodybuilder


Competition is tough enough – you don’t want to worry about you competition tan staining your bed sheets! Wear & Away’s Sheet Protector’s to the rescue! They keep the tan on you and off your sheets.




I am so happy that I got a chance to compete this weekend and use Wear and Away! Perfect for athletes who Tan and also not get those high price Hotel sheets stained! I highly recommend it!

Loren D. Thomas



Great Product!

Austin Stout

Competitor, Coach and Mentor


I love all the products! We really need it!!

Dany Castilho

4 X Olympia