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"I could not be happier with these pants from Wear & Away Competition. Not only did they not absorb any of the color, I didn't have to worry about ruining any of my sweatpants! These pants and the Sheet Protector Set will be in my arsenal for many comps to come! - Megan Bacheleder 10/28/17

"If you're planning on getting any sort of spray tan check out my review on the Wear & Away Competition Fitness page!" - Britt Boss WBFF Bikini Pro 11/10/17

"Thank you Wear & Away Competition for my sheets that protect my tan and my hotel sheets. I had a huge problem with my mail carrier who never delivered my first order so this amazing company shipped my another one. Honestly I've never dealt with such an amazing company. It's completely worth it!" - Kristina Byrnes WBFF Bikini Competitor 11/10/17

"Thank you Wear & Away Competition for helping me protect my spray tan with these comfortable light pants and shirt. I also don't have to worry about get any tan on the hotel sheets because I brought my Wear & Away Sheet Set. Always prepared and representing the best!" - Chris Boutot WBFF Competitor 11/10/17

"I purchased both the robe and the Sheet Protector Set bed/pillowcase covers for my last show. It was so nice to not have to worry about getting the hotel sheets dirty with my tanning products. I love that I can reuse everything for my next show as well! I would highly recommend these products to other competitors." - Crystal Cooper SBFF Figure Pro 10/19/17

"What can you wear after a spray tan? Wear & Away Robes of course! These one size robes are hypoallergenic, reusable and made in the USA. The non-absorbent material is perfect to put on post-spray. Enjoy your tan!"    - Tan Glam NYC 4/05/17

"I love my Little Tan Dress! It's perfect for after my spray tan. I love the style and the material. I'm looking forward to buying the sheets!!  - Elizabeth 3/22/17

"I love my Little Tan Dress! I never had anything I could wear after my spray tan. No matter how loose my clothes were, there were always problem areas where the tan would wear off around my waist and on my thighs. I wore the Little Tan Dress after my spray tan and the tan stayed on! In addition, I could finish all my errands around town because it is sturdy and looks like a regular dress. I love the option of having brown or black and even pink! The dress can be worn over and over and even washed. I’ve never seen anything like it! It is perfect for your spray tan experience. And as a bonus, it is very affordable!"  Dee, Former IBM Director 2//5/17

"The idea is genius! I can't tell you how many things I have ruined or how many times I end up rubbing off the spray tan in places from bra straps etc. I felt the fabric was discreet enough to bypass the need for under garments and  comfortable. It didn't stick and seemed breathable. I will use Little Tan Dress again!"   Billie Jo, Mrs. CT America 11/10/16

"I love the Little Tan Dress! It solves the dilemma of what to wear to get a spray tan. It's easy to put on, doesn't mess up your tan and can be used over and over! I definitely recommend the Little Tan Dress for spray tans!" Laurie, Business Owner & Busy Mom 9/5/16

"So glad someone finally came up with a product that is easy, comfortable and makes sense to wear to and from my Spray Tan! Definitely recommend Little Tan Dress." Suzanne, Attorney & Busy Mom 9/1/16

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