Recyclable clothingWear & Away designs, creates and manufactures a unique line of sustainable clothing and accessories for post spray tan. Our products can be reused for a variety of other home or salon treatments.

WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? Because our clothing and accessories are made from 100% polypropylene which will not stick to or smudge your spray tan. They are affordable and reusable.  Additionally, Wear & Away products are intended to promote the worldwide effort to reduce, reuse and recycle while keeping both function and fashion in mind. Wear & Away products are recyclable in your home bin and will be made into another product. Wear & Away is 100% women owned, and we are proud to support other women entrepreneurs.

All of our products are made in the USA.

The Sunless Tanning industry is growing at 10% per year due to the epidemic of skin cancer. While Spray Tan or home Tanning (the #1 spa treatment application for a healthy golden glow) is a safe and fast method, there can still be a few challenges after-the-fact with formula residue coming off on clothes, car seats, furniture and bed linens. Wear & Away supports efforts to reduce skin cancer and specifically provides solutions for those looking to complete the spray tan or home tanning process in a flawless way.

Behind the "Little Tan Line"

Little Tan DressThe idea first came in the form of a dress, and as a better option of what to wear when going to/from the spray tan salon (most salons recommend loose fitting black clothes after application). The spray tan needs to cure and is easily smudged right after the procedure. Here’s where the common blunder comes in: regular clothing can often stick to the spray tan formula and if the fit is not loose enough, may ruin the application as well as transfer to other surfaces

Our first product, aptly named “Little Tan Dress”, is designed to enhance your salon treatment by offering a garment that repels moisture while having the perfect loose yet attractive fit. It is reusable, washable and ultimately recyclable yet cute enough to wear out of the salon. We’ve made it available as a wrap dress, long sleeve dress, sleeveless dress, and more, as well as in an array of fun colors.

Weighing in at only 3 ounces, Little Tan Dress offers the convenience of a grab and go solution immediately after tanning whether you are headed home or out and about or simply don’t want to worry about your clothes being stained or impacting your service.

Little Tan Dress can be reused for many other regular beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home or at the salon including self tanning, hair color, haircut, massage or makeup application, to name a few…

Since the introduction of the "Little Tan Line", Wear & Away has grown its product set to include the Wear & Away Robe, Wear & Away Drawstring Pant and Wear & Away Sheet Protector set. 

About Laurie Tuck - Wear & Away Founder

Laurie TuckLaurie Tuck, founder of Wear & Away, never dreamed she would be in the manufacturing business. After college, Laurie worked for IBM, raised 3 children and pursued a passion for gardening. It was a self-inflicted clothing disaster after a Spray Tan appointment that inspired Laurie. She decided to try and invent a garment that could serve as an alternative and better idea than ruining clothes after spa treatments. She unearthed her daughter's sewing machine from the basement vault and went for it! A few months later, Wear & Away LLC was born.

Laurie hopes to grow Wear & Away into a business that promotes sustainability while also providing products that solve common problems with function and fashion in mind. She is committed to keeping this business in the US and providing much needed jobs in the process.

Why Spas & Salons Love Wear & Away Products

safe spray tanWear & Away products are perfect for environmentally-aware salons who want their clients to be comfortable and offer an alternative to wearing a standard robe, which needs to be laundered after each client. Less laundry would reduce the amount of waste generated by millions of gallons of water and also reduce labor cost by eliminating the need to gather, wash, fold and replace Salon robes. Wear and Away garments are designed with the reduce, reuse, recycle motto in mind, as well as being made in the USA.

Please contact us today about joining the Wear & Away movement and find out how easy it is to bring Wear & Away products to your salon.

Why Competition Spray Tan and Tanning Salons Love Wear & Away Products

Wear & Away products are perfect for the fitness competitor as they provide a solution for protecting that competition spray tan. Wear & Away Robes and Pants can be worn immediately after tanning as well as in between competitions. Wear & Away Sheet Protectors make sure there are no stained sheets to deal with whether at home or away at an event.

For the Spray Tanning Salon, Wear & Away products offer an enhancement to the service by providing a garment that is better than one’s own clothing and offers a solution to those clients that come in the wrong clothing. Wear & Away products are inexpensive and can be included in bundled packages to offer a Total Tan solution to your clients. In addition, Wear & Away products are recyclable and do not contribute to the world wide problem of discarded clothing in landfills.

Why the Bridal World Loves Wear & Away Products

Wear & Away products are perfect for the bridal community as they offer a solution for wedding preparation from spray tan trial to hair and make up trial and then again for the bride’s big day. Additionally, Little Tan Dress in pinkberry offers the opportunity for Brides and their bridal party to get together for a spray tan event and get some great photos. Little Tan Dress makes a great keepsake for the Bride. It is also an affordable, adorable and functional gift for the Bride and her bridal party.