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Wear & Away

Sheet Protector



Tired of staining your sheets?

Try Wear & Away Sheet Protectors. This is a product that is great for sheet protection from spray tanning at home or away. Designed to be comfy, it is comprised of a bottom and top sheet closed on two sides. Roll it right out on top of your normal or hotel sheets, slip in, pull your comforter over and voila - no stained sheets!

It is 48" wide x 80" long. It comes with a pillowcase measuring 25" wide x 35" long. It also comes with a reusable pouch for storage and transportation. It weighs in at a mere 8 oz!

  •     Soft comfortable, breathable material
  •     Non absorbent
  •     100% polypropylene, hypoallergenic fabric
  •     Washable Delicate – Tumble Dry Low
  •     Hand Sewn
  •     Comes in convenient 16" x 8" reusable pouch
  •     Travel friendly! 

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